The #1 Tool to Pass Faster and Drive Safer 

Passing your driving test is so much more than practical lessons.

The Learner Driver Logbook is a must-have tool for any UK learner driver looking to pass their test with less stress and more knowledge.

Packed with pages of powerful techniques including mind mapping, lesson documentation and topic reflection to help you pass your test and continue your journey as a lifelong safe driver.

Improve Your Chances of Passing Your Driving Test

The DVSA first time pass rate for UK learner drivers is below 50%. The Learner Driver Logbook aims to change that for any proactive and motivated learner driver who wants to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to pass their next theory or practical driving test with ease.

Learning to drive can be a huge expense of time, energy and finances – especially if you are having to retake your test time and time again!

Arguably, the most important and powerful work you will do to help you pass your driving test is not in the lesson, but the self-study part between lessons when you can apply your learning.

Build Knowledge, Confidence and Lifelong Safe Driving Skills

The perfect self-study buddy for any learner driver looking to gain valuable driving knowledge, develop driving confidence and emerge with lifelong safe driving skills.

A comprehensive logbook, designed to keep track of your progress, working out your goals and targets, allowing you to express your thoughts, feelings and emotions whilst you navigate this important rite of passage. 

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Are You a Parent of a Learner Driver?

Letting your teenager loose at the wheel is a nerve-wracking time for any parent or guardian. Communicating about the learning process can be difficult for parents or peers who passed their test when expected techniques may have differed to the syllabus for modern-day drivers. Logbook learnings can be shared with parents, peers and instructors. The Learner Driver Logbook encourages a collaborative learning experience that benefits both the learner driver and guardian making it a perfect present for those who have received their provisional licence and are ready to learn to drive.