The Learner Driver Logbook is a supportive tool to help any learner driver through their journey to getting their driver’s licence and beyond!

A comprehensive logbook, designed to keep track of your progress, working out your goals and targets, allowing you to express your thoughts, feelings and emotions whilst you navigate this important rite of passage.

Packed with pages of powerful techniques including mind mapping, lesson documentation and topic reflection to help you pass your test and continue your journey as a lifelong safe driver. Along with fun pages to help you with theory test knowledge and road sign recognition!

Understanding the pressures of the test process, this logbook has been purposely written and designed to help you to overcome any blocks or learning curves on your learner driver experience. With practical information about the driving test, understanding the reasons for test failure and a great website link to the wonderful team at Confident Drivers, we are sure we have everything for you to be successful!

Organise, prioritise and reflect the whole journey from car skills, learning to drive topics and human factors that go into becoming a great driver. Learn how to use your own learning style to fully immerse yourself into the learning process, getting the very best out of each practical training session. Understand your own thoughts, emotions and beliefs to create a relaxed, proactive and positive learning experience.

Passed Students

Map out the period of learning right up to the test and beyond to ensure you develop as a forward thinking, self assessing, safe driver for life, on roads that are becoming increasingly more chaotic.

A fun filled logbook documenting the life changing journey that is learning to drive. Completing it not only progresses you from learner to driver, it helps improve the whole experience and creates a great keepsake of this huge life milestone.

Created by an Approved Driving Instructor with over 10 years’ experience, Emma Cottington has a true passion for the job she does and has completed many hours of Continued Professional Development (CPD) throughout her career. Her most noted being a BTEC level 4 in Coaching for Driver Development, allowing her to utilise and engage in coaching led practical lessons with her students. This dedication to coaching within her career has led her to other studies and most recently she has completed a diploma in NLP (neuro linguistic programming), how the brain works and how we can reprogramme things that aren’t working for us anymore. Emma also has an admiration for journal writing and the use of journaling as a way of therapy, helping to overcome blocks in life, set goals and track accomplishments. The Learner Driver Logbook is created from the love of all the things in her career, to help any learner driver use their own thoughts, emotions and beliefs, to create their goals, timeframes and document their successes! Learning to drive is a huge rite of passage, why not use The Learner Driver Logbook to make the journey a successful, rewarding and pleasant one?