The Learner Driver Logbook



Do you want to pass your driving test first time?

Or want to ensure you get your licence on your next test?

The Learner Driver Logbook can help!

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Beneficial to the U.K Learner driver, as a supplement to the Highway code, helping towards the D.V.S.A Theory and Practical Tests

The D.V.S.A theory and practical driving tests are some of the greatest achievements we can attain, but they’re not always easy. With a first-time pass rate of below 50%, it’s important that you give it you’re all! Being prepared ahead of your next test is going to be the difference between passing and failure.

Learning to drive can be a huge expense of time, energy and finances - especially if you are having to retake your test time and time again!

Arguably, the most important and powerful work you will do to help you pass your driving test is not in the lesson, but the self-study part between lessons when you can apply your learning.

It is not enough to rely on practical demonstration lessons alone.

The modern-day driver needs to understand WHY they make driving decisions and log valuable learning-driven data. The Learner Driver Logbook doesn't just focus on learning to drive, but our thoughts, feelings and emotions as a driver.

Your Learner Driver Logbook entries can be shared with instructors, guardians and peers to ensure a faster pass time and a safer lifelong driving experience.

If you would like to give yourself ONE HUGE ADVANTAGE ahead of your next test, use The Learning Driver Logbook to help you:

  • Collate necessary data and learning to create new neural pathways and improve your memory to pass your test with ease
  • Understand and collate your personal emotions associated with learning to drive, work through your fears and blocks to get better with every drive
  • Understand WHY you fail - from majors to minors understand the gift in failure and the joy of being a beginner as you build your driver confidence
  • Feel confident approaching the date of your driving test
  • Feel safe and in control as a driver
  • Feel ready to drive on your own once you pass your test

In order to REALLY help you cement your new driving knowledge, every reader will also get access to:

  • The FREE Facebook group to share experiences and best practice
  • Downloadable worksheets to enhance your learner driver experience
  • We are aiming to create a safe driver for life, not just someone who can pass a driving test. 


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